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my banner is so beautiful to look at

Perrie on April 19th - Performing all day (I think I finally found the exact shoes!!)

Doc Martens Leyton Boots

Perrie on April 19th

American Apparel Pants

perrieelle: Me & my baby! <3

Exact Top

Perrie on April 19th

Lace Neck Bodysuit

Anonymous asked: Going out with some family and friends (whom are basically family haha!) for a catch up over drinks, could you give me some perrie inspired outfit/makeup/hair ideas? Maybe with the black trousers and crop top combo she's worn before with her hair up and purple lippy? :)

I just posted it; I would keep your look pretty simple and just have fun :)

- Bekah Xxx

Requested - Night Out by bekah-tee featuring a pink blush


Jesy and Perrie at Twickenham stadium 19/4

the new hunger games is weird

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