"perrieeele: henna sisters!"

xx i was walking around claire’s today when i saw this extremely familiar bracelet and thought of the possibility of it being the one Perrie (at least i think it’s her, i’m literally judging by paleness) had around her ankle for this picture! If this isn’t exact, it’s extremely similar! xx

bracelet: from Claire’s! (Available in stores)

Untitled #1529 by do-the-calder featuring a black tank


Get Stronger Yoga - Source

Untitled #927 by bekah-tee featuring strap sandals

Untitled #926 by bekah-tee featuring flat sandals


So guys, here is my first GIVEAWAY! :D I want to thank you guys for 500 followers so I decided to do this wonderful giveaway! This giveaway includes some of Perrie’s essential makeup products:

  • Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara
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  • Barry M EyeShadow Pencil in Brown-Black
  • Perrie’s Trio Palette from her collection
  • Perrie’s Lipstick from her collection

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P E R R I E  E D W A R D S // R A I N B O W  E D I T I O N